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Noel Night 2019 - Woodward/Warren Park at Night

       This is the final product of what I have learned in COM 2280 Photojournalism. The video above is a combination of photo and audio with transition techniques and captions/title slides. As a final project I had a completely different idea for what I wanted to cover at first. After unexpected issues I changed my topic and decided to cover Midtown Detroit's 2019 Noel Night. I was excited to photograph this because I knew there would be lights, decorations, people, food, and festive audio. I struggled with the audio a little bit in production but in the end I feel more confident with the editing software and really enjoyed putting everything together.

        I have never made a video like this before but I think adding the audio with the photos is a very effective technique to communicate more information without using captions or an article with the photos. Speaking for my recording was also interesting because I use to always feel self-conscious about my voice on recordings but I love the way it sounded with this video. I was also a bit nervous about shooting in dark conditions but my camera handled it well and I knew how to properly set my camera for a good exposure!

      This project was very fun for me and I think I will be making more little videos in the future. It has been really interesting using this blog to post all assignments in this class and I hope I continue using it for future projects.


"On Saturday, December 7th, 2019, Midtown Detroit was transformed into a winter wonderland for the annual Noel Night. There was over 110 venues, 100 performances, food, Yuletide treats and a shuttle service, all free and open to the public in Midtown Detroit.

        From 7pm-10 pm one of the most popular hubs was on Woodward and Warren which featured Wayne State University and Tech Towns winter art retail market, 8 Degrees Plato Beer Tent, and food trucks along with a photo booth, warming station, and holiday decorations. Some of the trucks included Hero or Villain, Little Bros Burgers, and Los Dos Amigos. Other snack spots included Mystic Kettle and True Desserts.

      The Detroit Artist Market festive annual market launched the holiday season with a brilliant display of one of a kind gifts for everyone on your list. Created by the finest Michigan artists, there was paintings, ceramics, glass, jewelry, fibers,and more.

     The Noel Night beer tent presented by 8 Degrees Plato at the Wayne State’s Woodward/Warren park showcased an Appalachian square dance with the Detroit Square Dance Society from 7:30-9pm.

       Noel Night continues to be a district wide, open house celebrating the cities diverse holiday traditions providing the perfect backdrop for a festive event full of performances to enjoy with family and friends."

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